Patt Gavin

My Ancestors


This page will be a work in progress.  I will add additional photos as I receive them.

These are my parents, Eugene and Bonnie Gavin.  Dad passed away in 2006.  Mom is still living in Scranton.

My paternal grandparents, Thomas and Mae Gavin.


My maternal grandparents, Bill and Lorraine Buckley.  This picture was probably taken not long after they were married.

My Grandmother Buckley's parents, Joe and Mami Flynn.

Mami's mother, Agnes Loretta Monahan Walsh with her second husband, Harry Carpenter.

Agnes Loretta's mother, Bridget Keenan Monahan.

Bill Buckley with his mother, Mary Judge.

Bill Buckley's grandparents, David Buckley and Ellen Foley.